Funding a Living Trust: 5 Ways!

Funding a Living Trust is essential- Trusts are not (in general) immediately funded when they are created! That means you need to need to put property into a trust! 👉 Book a Call at for funding a living trust, putting property into a trust, or esatte planning.

If a trust is unfunded, your heirs will be going to Probate Court and your assets cannot be distributed in a timely way. Trusts are not (in general) immediately funded when they are created—usually, there’s still much more to do! You have to “fund,” or put assets into your trust as soon as possible—and make sure all the right assets have been moved into the trust. In this webinar, we will explore five different ways to fund your trust so that your assets can be properly protected and distributed efficiently according to your wishes. We will cover problems with assets outside of trusts, how to transfer different kinds of assets to your trust, and common mistakes to avoid. Whether you are just starting the estate planning process or you have an established trust that needs to be properly funded, this webinar is a must-watch!

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Title: Funding a Living Trust: 5 Ways!
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