View Your Company’s Potential Value

v360™ Enterprise Value Roadmap – A Powerful Tool to Drive Value Optimization

View Your Company’s Potential Value

Increasing shareholder value is the holy grail for business executives in both public and privately owned companies. Building value is critical whether you’re the sole owner, part of an ownership group, or an executive charged with optimizing operations. Maximizing shareholder value supports many business objectives, including equity-based acquisitions, incenting talent, raising funds, and positioning for exit. How can you be sure the decisions you are making are taking valuation in the right direction? A comprehensive v360 Enterprise Value Roadmap drives business strategies to support value optimization.

The v360 roadmap begins with an indication of current value, assessing how your company compares to others using comprehensive criteria of would-be buyers. The experience will validate what you are getting right, while highlighting strategic gaps and areas for value enhancement. It delivers a road map of actionable items and recommended strategies to maximize current value as well as every incremental dollar of revenue that layers onto your improved base. Importantly – v360 also demonstrates ROI on the recommended strategies.

How is v360 Different?

v360 goes beyond traditional financial analysis and simple snapshots. Evaluation of 154 core data points across six dimensions and in-depth dialogue between you and a CFO steeped in all aspects of business optimization and strategic planning provides a holistic, insightful, and unbiased exploration of your company’s DNA.

v360 is built on the operational experience that the vcfo finance, HR, and capital market executives have amassed in working with more than 5,000 companies over the last 28 years. That experience has been distilled into proof points and actionable best practices necessary for companies to build value, independent of revenue growth.

Let’s look further at foundational factors that v360 weighs:

Financial Factors

v360 analyzes your company’s historical financial data and past performance, not for history’s sake but to inform the roadmap for the future. Among other elements, it identifies different paths for increasing Adjusted EBITDA, the cornerstone upon which market multiples are applied to determine enterprise value. The financial narrative is fine- tuned, optimizing the metrics that investors, lenders, partners, and acquirers use to evaluate your company’s value at every step of your growth.

Qualitative Factors

Your company’s culture, leadership, and operational capability are pivotal in determining its market value. v360 delves deeply into each of these areas in the way prospective buyers would, looking for leverage points to lean on and details that could derail opportunities if left unattended. Leadership involvement and effectiveness, comprehensiveness of policies and procedures, corporate governance structures, employee retention and programs, along with other qualitative factors that influence enterprise value are scrutinized.


A v360 roadmap also benchmarks your company against peers in your industry. This comparative analysis provides data-backed measures of where you stand today, where you need to improve, and the scale of the divide that separates you. These measures are examined in the strategic context of your business and market(s) to help you prioritize more effectively and accelerate impact. You don’t want to be good enough – you want to be your best. The v360 roadmap will help you achieve that.

A Roadmap for Achieving Your Strategic Objectives

The primary goal of the v360 is to deliver a plan for your business to achieve peak value. The insights and recommended actions will help you align your goals, decisions, and long-term objectives. The roadmap you receive from the assessment is actionable guidance with an indicated ROI to support elevating your company’s value.

In short, v360 provides you guidance for growth, sustainability, and optimized value to support the host of transactions through the life of the company including your eventual exit strategy. A clear understanding of your company’s market value drivers will enable you to strategically invest in areas that yield the highest returns. Whether optimizing internal processes, enhancing leadership capabilities, or refining financial strategies, the v360 roadmap catalyzes positive change.

Realize the Full Potential of Your Business

While it’s impossible to fully measure the energy you’ve poured into your business, it is possible to measure your business from an external perspective – across a wide array of financial, non-financial, and qualitative consideration points. Doing so now will equip you to put yourself in the best position possible when you deal with any matter that touches on equity and when value matters most.

Want to learn more about the v360™ Enterprise Value Roadmap and what it would mean for your business? Take a look at what a sample summary of the report looks like. Request a Free Consultation with a vcfo expert to discuss how v360 could enhance your business. We have partnered with more than 5,000 businesses in our 28 years and are ready to put our expertise and experience to work for you.

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